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Program Configuration

There are many great configuration settings for the component.  If you want to see the Admin area of the component, please Click here to view a rather large (262kb) screen cap image of all the configuration options. 

  • Complete integration with the 1 Click Joomla! Extension Update functionality!

  • The Administrator can set how many 'Email Fields' are displayed on the Front End.

  • It is possible to select how the 'From' and 'Reply To' addresses are set. If selected (checked), the 'From' and 'Reply To' email addresses in the email sent to the Friend(s) will be set to the User. If NOT selected, the 'From' email address will be set with the site 'Administrator' email address and the 'Reply To' email address will be set with the User's email address.

  • It is possible to set whether the site Administrator should receive a copy (Bcc) of every email sent to the user's 'Friends'. If you have a large, active site with many users, you may want to disable this option as you possibly could receive many emails. If selected (checked), the Admin email will be set in the Bcc field so it will not be visible to most users.

  • You can change or customize the 'Subject' field for the emails. There is a checkbox that determines whether to use the custom subject field or not. Unfortunately you are not able to use custom tags or formatting at this time. It should be text only.

  • You can also set a customized introduction message for the emails sent to Friends. There is a checkbox for this that will enable/disable the use of the introduction message. This can be a great way to get more members for your site. You could list the features and benefits of your site that will hopefully entice friends to join. If you have a 'Referral' program setup, this would be a great place to describe how it works, what the benefits are for a new member and explain the benefits for the User who sent the RecommendFriends emails.

  • There is also an option to allow/enable HTML code to be entered in the custom introduction. Enabling the option will send all the Emails as Content-Type:text/html MIME format. You can use any HTML code in the message, but you can NOT use any other codes (PHP, Javascript, etc.) in the custom field.

  • There many ways to change the appearance of the form fields in the front end. Now you can set the 'Width' of the User and Friends Name and Email input fields as well as the User Custom Message textarea size.  Using pop-up color selectors, you can change the form field backkground and text colors, the form field validation alert background and text colors as well as the background and text colors that display the username and email address for logged in users.

  • RecommendFriends also includes Captcha Security! *NOTE* Your website server *MUST* have GD Support enabled as well as FreeType Support enabled in order to use the Captcha option! You can still use the RecommendFriends component if you don't have these installed on the server, you just can't use the the Captcha option. The configuration in Admin allows you to set many variables for the image including the width, height, text rotation, set all colors (background-text-noise) by using custom color selectors, choose the font type and set the number of characters displayed in the image.

  • ** ALL ** text that is displayed on screen for this component, including the front end and admin configuration text is called through the included language file(s) in the includes folder - and can be edited ** ON-LINE ** through the component! Feel free to change the text any way you like. If you have translated the text into a different language (other than English), please contact me so I can include your Language file into the component distribution! Thanks! 

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