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Currency Converter Module Demo Print E-mail
This page demonstrates what the Currency Converter module appears like when it is placed in a content/article item.

We had to 'disable' the display of the module demo in the 'left' position for this page because the module cannot be included twice on the same page. Go to either the Home Page to see the demo of the module in the 'right' position - near the bottom.

The demo below is an 'out-of-the-box' version of the module and including it in content is as simple as adding the line -  { loadposition cconverter } - wherever you want it to appear within your content!  Actually it's a bit more involved than that, but still quite easy - full instructions on how to setup this great option can be found on the Module Info and Install Page.

Currency Converter
This converter obtains up to the minute exchange rates from Yahoo Finance
You do not need to include a currency symbol such as $ or £
You can include the cents decimal , such as 1345.89 if you like

I think you can see why we will no longer be developing the CurrencyConverter Component!  The module does everything the component does and is a whole lot more configurable!

Feel free to download the module on our Downloads Page

Fast and Friendly support can be found on our Support Forums

And once again... Have Fun! Wink

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