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*** D-Mack UserInfo - v1.0.0 - June-29-2008 ***

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D-Mack UserInfo is a module that displays a bunch of information about the site visitor. It obtains the information through various Javascript and PHP functions. The module is very easy to use and is extremely configuarable. And the module is XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid!!

This is a 100% Free Component (GNU/GPL License) - You are ABSOLUTELY ALLOWED to modify any of the files to your liking. The only thing I ask is to let me know if you have improved the script so I might also improve the script and re-release it to the community. Thanks!

If you have any suggestions or have found a bug, please contact us by mail: info at dmackmedia.com

Program Configuration

ALL options, including the titles, can be set to display - or not!

  • All Titles can be changed to your own description and/or language.
  • There is a 'Free Form' field included that you can add your own 'static' information into. You can include HTML code into the field and, if you want, you could disable all other options and just display that info!
  • We have also created a UserInfo Component that utilizes the great ip2nation script. This will 'resolve' the site visitor's full Country Name and display their Country Flag based on their IP Address! **Note** The module will still work 100% without the component, but the option to 'Show Country Flag?' must be set to 'No' in the module configuration.

UserInfo Display Options

The UserInfo Full Demo module to the right is a 'Live' example with ALL options set to display!------------------->>

*** IP address
*** Country Flag and Name (if UserInfo component installed)
*** browser type and version
*** Number of pages visited in session
*** Operating system and version
*** CPU version

*** Plugins Status including:
*** Flash and version
*** Windows Media Player
*** RealPlayer
*** Quicktime Player
*** Acrobat Reader
*** SVG Viewer

*** Misc Settings including:
*** Screen resolution
*** Languages installed (shows flag if UserInfo component installed)
*** - Brower
*** - User
*** - Systes
*** Javascript
*** -Javascript base version
*** -Javascript engine
*** Cookies
*** CSS stylesheets
*** Smooth fonts
*** Show images

*** User Time
*** User Date

*** Static Info with HTML capabilities

Installing the Module

Install like any other module - through the Joomla! Extensions-->Install/Uninstall menu. Go to the Module Manager, select the UserInfo module, Enable it and then set the options you want! If you want to display the full Country Name and Country Flags you MUST also install the UserInfo Component!
Helpful Links

Here is list of links that might be helpful if you have questions or problems.


This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

If you have any suggestions or have found a bug, please contact us by mail: info at dmackmedia.com

D-Mack UserInfo Module is licensed under GNU/GPL.
****** You are ABSOLUTELY ALLOWED to modify any of the files to your liking! ******
If you find a bug or improve the script in any way, please let the community know
by adding comment(s) either on the Extensions page or in the Forums.

And Most of All... Have Fun! DMack Media


UserInfo Full Demo

IP Address
United States United States
Unknown Unknown
Operating System
Unknown Unknown

Browser Plugins Status
Miscellaneous Settings
Miscellaneous SettingsScreen Resolution
Your Time

Other Info
Other STATIC info you want to display here... Use HTML formatting too!

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