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D-Mack CoolQR is a flexible module that can display **12 Different Types** of QR Codes and does *NOT* rely on ANY external resources to generate the QR Codes (it is completely stand-alone)! Use multiple copies of the module on one page if needed! There are many options to choose from which makes this a great module that will enhance your website and help 'spread the word'! 

Below is a completely 'out-of-the-box' example demonstrating ALL the different QR Code types. They are all functional and show that you can have as many codes on ONE page as you want. Joomla! { loadpostion qrcode } also works! 

Cool QR - Current URL


Cool QR - Freeform URL

Pre-Text Title

Pre-Text with allowable HTML code...

Post-Text Title

Post-Text enabled with allowable HTML code...

Cool QR - Freeform Text


Cool QR - Phone Number


Cool QR - SMS Text


Cool QR - Email Address


Cool QR - Skype Username

With Benchmark Test enabled...

Benchmark: Time to Create
start:  -0.564676 seconds
after_filler:  0.564934 seconds
after_mask:  0.005656 seconds
after_encode:  0.000013 seconds
finish:  0.002489 seconds
TOTAL:  0.008416 seconds

This is a standard Joomla! article. The 2 codes below are displayed using the Joomla! { loadposition ... } functionality. These are both quite complicated QR Codes because they hold quite a bit of information - the more complex the code, the larger it should be so smart devices can 'scan' the codes easier.


As you can see below, the 'vCard with Photo' QR code is the MOST complex - the photo is encoded right into the code using base64_encoding. The QR image must be very large in order to scan... 


End of article here. Below are 4 additional module examples...

Cool QR - Simple vCard


Cool QR - Geo Location

Larger 'Frame' - reversed colors...


Cool QR - YouTube

Background color
YouTube video QR

Cool QR - Freeform


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