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D-Mack Invite-Refer Friends
Version: 1.0.1 Release Date: 01 May 2016

D-Mack Invite-Refer Friends is for Joomla! 3.x. The component allows your users to invite their friends to visit your website **RESPONSIVE - ReCAPTCHA v2 - EMAIL TEMPLATES - DATABASE LOGGING** Over 75 configuration settings allow you to have COMPLETE control of aesthetics and functionality.

*** Be sure to check out the 'Screen Shots' on the tab/link below ***

$14.99 USD

Allows your users to invite or refer their friends to visit your website. **RESPONSIVE - ReCAPTCHA v2 - EMAIL TEMPLATES - DATABASE LOGGING**. Over 75 settings allow you to have COMPLETE control of aesthetics and functionality. This component sends multiple HTML emails including optional copies to the Administrator and/or the User.

Responsive design makes it compatible with ALL smart devices! Two options of spam control including the fantastic 'one click' Google reCAPTCHA v2! All the invite/referrals can be logged into the database - useful for referral programs, contests, track your users usage and more! Front end appearance is completely configurable including all text and form fields! All emails can be sent with text/html MIME format so HTML is allowed so you can include your site logo!

This component uses standard Joomla! JFactory Mailer functions - which should work if your website's email settings are correctly configured for your website server (i.e. Sendmail, PHPMailer, SMTP, etc).

Detailed logging of all invite-referrals into the database - with an 'export' feature.
Fully RESPONSIVE front end display - set the widths of fields and even adjust the 'scale' of the Captcha security to fit smaller devices.
Email Templating System allows you to have COMPLETE control over the look and feel for ALL emails that are sent out - even include your site LOGO.
Two options for spam prevention:

  1. Use Google ReCaptcha v2 (using the native Joomla! plugin -OR- enter the Site & Secret keys in the component admin area).
  2. Use the Captcha solution built right into the component - Note: your server *MUST* have GD Library and True Type Fonts for this option to work.
Complete customization of the component's built-in Captcha Image - including text and background colors, fonts, noise, text rotation, etc.
There is an option for email 'domain name' checking which will verify the domain exists before sending the email(s) - could help cut down spam.
Set how many 'Friends Fields' are displayed on the Front End including how many are 'required' and whether the friends 'names' are also required.
Customize the 'From' and 'Reply To' names and emails as well as the 'Subject', the 'Site Name' and 'Site URL' that are included in all the emails.
Set whether the site Administrator and/or user should receive a copy of emails sent to the user's 'Friends'.
Set a customized introduction message for the emails sent to Friends - this can be a great way to get more members for your site.
Form field validation through Javascript - including field focus, detailed error messages and customizable highlight formatting for fields that need attention.
Using color selectors, you can change the form field background and text colors, alternating row colors and all the form field validation alert colors.
ALL text for the entire component, front end and back, can be edited on-line in the Admin area of the site.
Uses standard Joomla! JFactory Mailer functions - which should work if your Joomla! email settings are correctly configured for your website server.
One click Joomla! 3.x Extension Update functionality!
**And much, much more!!!!!**

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions or concerns! We will help out in any way we can!

Install like any other component - through the Joomla! Extensions-->Install/Uninstall menu. Go to Components-->D-Mack Invite-Refer Configuration and set the options you want!

To add a link to the Main Menu (mainmenu) if you want everyone (Public) to be able to use this component, follow these steps:

1.Click the Menu->Main Menu link
2.Click on 'New' in the top right part of the screen
3.Click the 'Select' button for the Menu Item Type
4.Click on the 'Recommend Friends' Component from the list
5.Type in a Title for the link
6.Type in an Alias for the link (optional)
7.Don't need to change the Parent Item
8.Make sure the Link's Access Level is set to 'Public'
9.And Finally, click 'Save' and you should be good to go!

To add a link to the User Menu (usermenu) if you want only 'Registered' users to use this component, follow these steps:

1.Click the Menu->User Menu link
2.Follow steps 2 through 7 shown above...
3.Make sure the link's 'Access' level is set to 'Registered'
4.And Finally, click 'Save' and you should be good to go!

To check for and install any available updates - for extensions and/or Joomla! itself - follow these simple instructions:

1.Click the 'Extensions Manager' link
2.Click on the 'Update' tab
3.Click the 'Find Updates' button in the top left
4.If there are any updates available, they will appear in the listing view
5.Click the Check Boxes for the update(s) you wish to install
6.Click the 'Update' button in the top right menu
7.All updates should automatically get installed
*NOTE* Updating the Invite-Refer component will essentially install a new instance of the component and resets all the language file changes you have made - the configuration setting will, however, remain unchanged.

Some PHP strict warnings - fixed in this version v1.0.1